Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in India

In a country like India, it is very important for everyone to carry on their education, especially higher education, with prime focus and with great care. It is very important for us to carefully notify which is good and which one is bad for us. Along with that we should also be sure of the opportunities of the courses we want to choose. It is required for us to do all the necessary researches possible about the course we are willing to undergo.

Another important factor we should give stress on is the requirements and opportunities of the course. The courses should have a good scope and should have high requirements. It is not at all wise to go for such a course which have less requirements and a very high, stiff and tough competition, unless you have a tremendous potential.

To name a few, Biotechnology is one of such courses which have a plenty of opportunity as well as a very high requirement. It is said to be one of the courses which has yet not met all its scopes and hence you have plenty of things undiscovered in it. It has a wide scope which is beyond anyone’s imagination.

And the very good part is India is now rich in number of colleges and institutions specially meant for Biotechnology. Along with that, many renounced institutions and universities have also started offering Biotechnology courses. Hence we have a good number of Biotechnology colleges and Universities in India, which are capable of providing quality education with deep and wide knowledge of the subject, and are also equipped with latest technological laboratories for the practical as well as research knowledge.

The Biotechnology colleges and Universities in India are equipped with all the necessary requirements to provide the best possible knowledge about the subject to all the students.


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  1. 1

    This article is best for thoes who are willing to go for biotechnology but then stop because they dont have enough knowledge about biotechnology in india, as it is true that the scope for it is not much in india, so it gave us an idea that taking
    it or go for it is realy worth it and we can we have a bright future in it..
    I am a student who just gave her exams of board of 10th.. And confused in choosing the subject, as i should go for bio or maths. At last i decided to go for bio, then again i was confused, that i shuld go for biotechnology or CPMT… I was looking for biotechnology but after seeing tht it is very rare and its scope is less i moved toward CPMT…bt this article realy opend my eyes, and shed the light so that now i can see my future in biotech with no hasitation…

  2. 2

    To the top world biotechnologist is my great mission and ambition,kindly assist me on how to get admitted.

  3. 3

    what i realy mean is that i wanted to be guided towards the educational processes on how to be the said biotechnologist,

  4. 4

    i want 2 know d best institutes 4 bio. tech in delhi,pune,dehradun,kanpur,noida

  5. 5

    i require biotech university

  6. 6

    i want to know about B.E.collegs of biotechology in India

  7. 7

    please provid information about Admition for BIOTECHKNOLOGY.

  8. 8

    i have to do carrier in biotech i am doing Bsc biotech 2 year in aurangabad maharashtra.what is the exam that i have to give?

  9. 9

    sir, i want to know the good collages for biotechnology in mba for avg students mangment seats also no problem ……………

  10. 10

    PL GIVE DETAILS ABOUT BTech in biotech & all colleges in Bombay Pune

  11. 11

    i am seeking wide world of biotechnology. expects more knowledge about biotech

  12. 12

    please give me the information of bet biotechnolgy universities in mumbai

  13. 13

    will you prefer some names in maharashtra?????????

  14. 14

    please give list of biotechnology colleges list

  15. 15

    I am a student of orissa board, and i’m goin to give ma 12th tis year.
    I don’t want to do any other subject like math, chemistry and so more which are seems as a bundle of pressure on me 4 my future study. I just want my first subject as biotech.
    Can u help me 2 suggest such type of colleges for eeng or +3 in which i can only focus for research in biotech .
    Because less pressure gives more emphasize to interested one……..

  16. 16

    I got to clarify certain things regarding biotech,what scopes we have after doing b tech in biotech and then MBA?where can we find the best colleges for it?Do e have it in Delhi,dehradoon,?

  17. 17

    mba biotech syllabus

  18. 18

    i hav done bsc biotechnology from goa university..i m awiting for the results. i would kindly request you to suggest me some good colleges in Pune , Banglore and Mumbai for doing MSc biotechnology. i would also like to know difference between the mba biotechnology and msc biotechnology?